Only women should decide on abortion by J.J. ROSADO

The media is asking us to make our views public on the question of abortions. Before doing so there are aspects I wish to second.

Firstly, perhaps it should be solely women who should have a say. Secondly Government by popular vote could be problematic. I will explain further to avoid misunderstanding.

Women should decide: Whilst the male partner, and perhaps very close family could or should influence her decision, it is the women who must ultimately decide what she needs or wants. The potential father must be a close second in every shape or form, but it is the woman who must take the final decision.

Government by Popular Vote: Governments are elected by popular vote and once elected they should do so to the best of their ability but also with the maximum research and qualified advice prevailing at the time. To “go public” can be problematic. Consider a referendum on the abolition of income tax.

The referendum on abortion is a very problematic one. I will not add to the many pros and cons as ultimately, I consider it is a question of conscience. But what I wish to add is that If Government legislates against abortion then the law needs to cover what action will be requested to ensure that there is no discrimination between wealthy and poor.

A wealthy person who decides to have an abortion abroad (or very secretly privately) should be prosecuted in the same way as a person doing so locally against the law. Conversely, if no such prosecution were to exist for “off shore abortions”. Then the poor person locally, should be adequately sponsored to have it done abroad.

If we do legislate on abortion, we either follow the law in England or ensure proper safeguards are also introduced to avoid the “off shore abortion” circumventing the local law. I believe the law should allow abortion with reasonable provisions as far as humanly possible. To try and legislate on matters of conscious is problematic. The law if introduced must not ignore the “off shore” variety.