MOT chaos!

Leo Olivero

Committing traffic offences

After several weeks and countless attempts to obtain a vehicle road worthiness appointment; a date to get my vehicle through a MOT examination; and after various failed phone calls; emails and failed endeavours; including via the pertinent ‘ website’; I was advised by a vehicle mechanic friend of mine to complete the application form and enclose my vehicle log book number and contact phone number and deposit this in a box by the entrance of the MOT test centre offices.

Yesterday morning, on arrival at the test centre complex, I found the main public counter office was closed, when according to the sign displayed outside, it should have been open.

Vehicle Test Centre Civil Servant Appeared Under Intense Pressure

I made my way to one of the vehicle inspection areas where there were half a dozen people congregated around a female office employee who was answering questions, or trying her best it seemed.

With a sealed envelope in hand and application enclosed, I asked where I could deposit the application form and seek other related information. Making a general reply to those members of the public present, this young lady, who I have to say, came across calm, but rather agitated. When she was ‘asked if she knew when the office services would resume normal duties’, she replied “probably never as the minister does not want it open, he has been told of our concerns and how the public is reacting, but he will not listen”.

It was clear, that this young lady was under pressure, probably not because of yesterday alone, but a now growing tense working environment where civil servants at the test centre are receiving the brunt of increased public criticism regarding the public services, or non services, provided at the test centre. She in fact concluded by‘encou raging people to complain’.

People Waiting From the Early Hours

Other people present at the time, also annoyed and who recognised this reporter, told me “I have been waiting since 8.15 am to get an application form as it says on the door that the opening hours start at 8.30 am, it actually opened this morning at 9.10 am”.

Hearing this, another irritated individual who does not want to be named also told me: “Our vehicle failed the MOT test last week and we had to organise a minor adjustment to the hand break which took place yesterday. We assume that without our MOT certificate our car insurance will not be valid and therefore we cannot now use our car until it is retested.  Ye,t we have tried unsuccessfully to rebook since last week using the given government telephone numbers and the website which was similarly unavailable. It appears that now the only solution is to get a form, fill it in, insert it in the box located in the office entrance lobby, wait to be called, pay by giving your bank card details, and then you will be given a date in the future which could be days or weeks away. No one can say”.