Following Campo crime clampdown, RGP carry out anti-money laundering operation across the Rock ‘on Spanish suspicion’

As many as twenty RGP officers from the Crimes Division executed extensive search operations at six different residential addresses yesterday morning, as part of a wide ranging anti-money laundering initiative in Gibraltar on ‘suspicion’. No arrests were made. Earlier this week there was a crime clampdown in the Campo area carried out by the Guardia Civil against money laundering, with suspected local ties, said the RGP.

Acting on information received the extensive RGP operation was led by the Money Laundering Investigation Unit.

As a result a number of financial documents, electronic devices and luxury items were seized.

Twenty RGP officers carried out the searches across the Rock including dwellings in Mid-Harbours, Chilton Court and the Upper Town.

An RGP spokesman said: “The investigation continues and is part of ongoing cross-border law enforcement cooperation in the fight against organized crime and money laundering.”