We must keep reminding a “democratic” Europe that there can be no other way

Carmen Gomez

It’s too soon really to decipher anything concerning the situation we now find ourselves in, because much discussion still has to take place before any new implementation of rules which would cause a sudden change in our frontier, takes place. I know that in the New Year I was told by someone travelling into Gibraltar, that they had not seen such an amalgamation of Spanish police officers before. 

What they were doing or planning to do was not clear. I had rather wanted to shelve this year one word in particular which came before Covid, and that was, “Brexit.” Now Brexit appears to have been taken over by Schengen and Frontex, of which I have written about last year, and not in a complimentary way from information gathered about said force. Now it seems we must concentrate on “frontier news” instead, which is what a majority of citizens seem to be concerned with at present; for if truth be told, many Gibraltarians have continued travelling across the frontier even when the news of Covid spread was rampant.