This Platinum Jubilee

Carmen Gomez

I also wish to thank from afar, those who were involved in organising such spectacular events for her Majesty`s Platinum jubilee, in the UK. We are after all, part of the British and Commonwealth family; a worldwide brotherhood of nations.
Apart from the parties here organized to celebrate this occasion; sadly the last of jubilee celebrations in her Majesty`s honour in our time; we have seen yet again how the Queen is loved, and the many expressions of gratitude throughout, for having dedicated her entire life in the service of us all. Not even the inclement weather in the north dampened the spirits of those who sat outside to celebrate their party in her honour. 

The visit of the Royals to our shores has been the icing on the cake, and for this we are truly honoured. It has further strengthened the bonds of friendship between us and the United Kingdom; something which will never change with the passing of time.
The Spanish authorities as always proceed with their ludicrous policy in protesting about the Royal visit; something which is of no concern of theirs and signifying nothing; in an effort to undermine our loyalty. In fact back in 1954 the Daily Express recorded “so much for the efforts of the hotheads in Madrid to scare the Queen away from the Rock of Gibraltar. She not only came ashore herself today, but she allowed the children to come too.” The Times noted “someone has even gone to the trouble to inscribe on a Nissan Hut “rest assured, Gibraltar is British.” the British monarchy represents many qualities, including a reassuring bridge between the past and the present.