Distasteful Vox comments after Queen’s death

Distasteful Vox comments after Queen’s death

The Spanish party Vox will be seen by many as having lowered political standards even further following comments made by a number of its prominent members after the death of the Queen. They have showed no tact, no taste and a singular lack of respect for a Sovereign who has rightly been showered with tributes from around the world.

Spanish news agencies were pointing out last Friday, the day after Her Majesty passed away, that at that point neither the party leader Abascal, nor the party itself, had issued public messages of condolence. Indeed, several prominent MPs did the very opposite and were critical of other Spanish politicians who were respectful in their public comments.

It will be recalled that the PP President of the autonomous government of Madrid decreed three days of mourning in that region. Andalucia too decreed a day of mourning and flew flags at half-mast. Indeed, even the La Linea branch of the Partido Popular expressed their condolences to the people of Gibraltar on the passing of Her Majesty. It will be recalled that the Gibraltar Government announced at the time that a number of condolence messages had been received from several politicians in the Campo. These included the Mayor of La Linea Juan Franco, the Mayor of San Roque Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix and the Mayor of Castellar Adrian Vaca Carrillo.