Radical action needed against youth crime

Gibraltar has been rocked from top to bottom by reports of anti-social behaviour on the part of young people over the last few months. The daily police reports published in this newspaper alone paint a disturbing picture of mindless lawlessness which must be stopped in its tracks.

The Police Authority policing plan for 2022-23 makes it clear in its opening pages that RGP will do its utmost to ensure a safer Gibraltar. In his foreword, the Commissioner too refers to the ultimate objective of his force which is to deliver a safer Gibraltar through excellence in policing. He adds: “We are also conscious that the public wants to see a more visible uniformed presence within the community, and we will proactively address this.” He went on to explain the role played by “unseen” policing services, presumably security cameras or other technological aids to law enforcement, and stressed the importance of protecting the public, “particularly the most vulnerable”.
The figures show that the age group most arrested by the police in the previous policing period were 18 year olds. This fact is an eye-opener in itself because it would have been expected that those studying for their A’levels or who are first year students in University would display greater common sense and behave more responsibly. This is, after all, the top 5% of the population in other countries. Having said that, there is also the possibility that the same few teenagers, arrested countless times for multiple offences week in and week out may possibly distort those figures.